Weekend Alone

The boys are all gone this weekend in Vegas so I was determined to get a lot accomplished.

Saturday morning I headed to the hardware store to pick up some supplies. I got this sweet mini spreader.

Isn't it too cute? I figured since we have a small yard why bother buying a normal sized spreader? Plus it was 1/2 the price of the normal sized broadcast spreader. I overseeded the lawn and then put down some starter fertilizer. I'm hoping that we'll get a decent amount of rain in the next week so it gets a really good start. Our yard has just been neglected by the previous owners so it needs all the help it can get.

I then cleaned out all of flower beds of the leftover leaves from fall and the few weeds that braved the winter. Thew down some Preen so maybe I can keep my weeding of the gardens to a bare minimum this year. I love spring and how fresh and new everything is.

Speaking of fresh and new, I upcycled our mailbox. We've been throwing around the idea of painting the front door to bring some color to the house. I figured the mailbox is sad so I'll throw the color on it and if we like it, I'll move on to the door. If we don't like it, I guess I'll shell out the cash to replace it after all. Ignore the dingy siding:

I will have to get better about getting before pictures. Just imagine a dingy rusted white mailbox to match our dingy 'white' siding. Below hung a sign with our house numbers. It was forest green with white painted numbers. So I removed the letters, sanded and painted the backing to match the mailbox and headed to the hardware store for some new house numbers. At almost $6 a piece, I decided to get a can of spray paint and new screws instead. Once I sanded the white paint off the numbers, I just spray painted over the brass numbers and reattached them to the plate. And yes here's the finished product.
Better right? We'll see what Jon think when he gets home.

Last project of the weekend - the never ending saga of the wedding invitations. But I'll leave those for another post. Addressing and mailing is all I have left to do.

Hopefully you had a productive weekend too.

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